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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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North West/East and Midlands
2016 Hit List
St Philips Marsh Open Day - 2 May 2016
Whatley & Westbury
Eastleigh & Southampton
Tees and Durham Freighter - 08/10/2016
MoD 01/5s
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
Latest Articles
2016 Hit List
kempydak wrote:
Class 03 06 needed
03018 D2018 [b]16/8/2016
Mangapps Farm Railway Museum Mangapps Railway Museum Southminster Road Burnham-on-Crouch Essex CM0 8QG .
D2023 D2023 09/04/2016 Kent and East Sussex Railway Tenterden, Kent TN30 6NR
D2024 D2024 09/04/2016 Kent and East ...
St Philips Marsh Open Day - 2 May 2016
Down Bristol Saturday to see the two 'Pullmans'...thought it rude not to pop into the Depots...08516 at Barton Hill...08663/822 on 'The Marsh'....

North West/East and Midlands
Had a jaunt 18th/19th September....

Bescot 08623/907
Crewe DMD....08507/631...Electric..08405/495/804 plus other demics ...09204 LNWR
Derby....08536/762...08484 Litchurch Lane
Barrow Hill.....03066...01515/01520..D2853..07012...08527/824/676/685/765/786/824/877/924
Neville Hill...nowt Evil or Very Mad ...not even a sighting of a shunter after walking all up the park...and limited views from the other side

Monday went to Donny Decoy....Chesterfie ...
A trip to Barrow Hill in June found 08630 under overhaul in the HNRC shed
Tees and Durham Freighter - 08/10/2016
TEESPORT,as you go past grangetown signal box  [just after south bank station]
keep your eyes to the left,[follow the line of the pipes .]
poss that all shunters will be parked there for the weekend and you could see all shunters on site at a distance.
poss 01 sighting at the very end of the line ,as you reach the potash sidings/run aound for the 66,s
as for DAWSONS the 01 will be on your right as you come in to m,bro goods near to the convayor belts,or near-by the rear of that warehouse,if ...
WNXX shows a photo of this loco on a low loader heading South from MoD Longtown. Anyone know where to please?
MoD 01/5s
01514 on the move yesterday ( 17th ) from MoD Longtown, possibly to Bicester, although confirmation need on its new location.
New DBS tender list / other sales
Well, it seems DBS are intent to throw away money in repairing both 08703 and 08752, as both have been made available for sale. In fact, all of their shunter fleet, stored or otherwise, have been put up for sale  Shocked

HNRC will no doubt, be successful in gaining a few more gronks.
Plym Valley Railway, Marsh Mills, Plymouth
Called in last week when the line was closed....
13002 in the station and D2046 was under overhaul in the depot. Very friendly volunteers!
Having never been before advise is you won't see much unless the place is open. The 08 can be seen easily enough as long as it's in the station. The 03 is in the middle of the shed being worked on. As I was lucky enough to see a volunteer I did not need to look through the fences but not sure on visibility from the path that runs alongside the site although ...
LH Services Barton
Visited today early pm no problems parking near Travelodge and with the inside lane coned off and the verge having been raised access to the style was straightforward.

No locos were seen in the yard [part of which may have been sublet] to the north of the path and the vehicular gates were open.

Next to the path were 08615 08873 08530

Second line 08913

Third line Maddie Alex

In front of Bogie Overhaul Facility

First row assumed TH312v & TH 194v

Middle row 08575 08891

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Potters, Ely

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