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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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CHC shunters
Future visits & open days
East Lancs Visit - Sunday 18th June
Future Visits for 2018
D2051/D2280 NNR
East of Brum
Llangollen shed visit - sunday 20th August
Who owns 07011 at St Leonards ?
Weybourne NNR class 03
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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CHC shunters
Now then you knowledgeable bunch, can someone help me to ID 2 shunters at Crewe Heritage Centre please.
I popped into Crewe on the way home from the ELR do on sunday (thanks Jon for the tip off re 37402 on Gresty thumbright ) and while getting fuel at Tesco noticed the gates were open to the CHC.  There are 2 industrial shunters there, one yellow and one green. Not been in here for years so I've got no idea what these are. I thought the yellow might be 01565 ex Booths but not sure. I ca ...
East Lancs Visit - Sunday 18th June
A bit late admittedly, but we now have two spaces left, so it is still up for grabs if anybody wants it  thumbright
D2051/D2280 NNR

I will be going to the North Norfolk Railway towards the end of July and was looking for some advice on how to see these two. The NNR website says that both are located in the carriage shed at Holt which is not open to the public. Does any one know if this is still the case? I am coming from Gloucestershire so it is unlikely I will be heading back to Norfolk for the foreseeable future hence why I want to see them whilst I can.

Thanks in advance,

East of Brum
The latest rumour is that the Cemex depot is moving to Bescot.  The land is required as part of the HS2 line into Brum.  Apparently the depot produces 60% of the concrete sleepers required by NR, the other 40% is produced by Doncaster.
Who owns 07011 at St Leonards ?
Who owns 07011?
Weybourne NNR class 03
Hi all, after an ID of a class 03 at Weybourne please. BR blue in good condition but was unnumbered on the side I could see. I'm assuming it's 03063 but all the photos I have seen of this seem to carry the number.  Can anyone confirm either way please?

Thanks in advance
Future Visits for 2018
As we're pretty much booked up this year with our own arrangements and the depot open days, we're looking into next year now, with trying to organise a few days out.

So with that in mind, what area would be most beneficial for us to organise something..this is where the poll comes in ?

For next year and for definite, we have a tour of LaFarge, but dates are still to be discussed. If the ELR goes well this year, we should have another visit for that one, and for both the Peak Rail and Moret ...
Does anyone have latest on this one please?  It's one of a few ex-BR shunters still extant (I hope) that I'd like to catch up with if I can and I don't see it listed in the lists elsewhere?  Maybe now scrapped?

(To get List = D2046/2134/2148/2120, D2325, D3489, 12052/12093, 15224, 08032/405/530/703/730/750/954  09018 )
Long Shot
So here goes ... been trawling through my old notebooks and have an entry from 21st May 1988 travelling on the "South Yorkshireman" rail tour between Marylebone and Sheffield, returning to London behind 34092 City of Wells.

On the outbound journey I have a note with Asterix that there were two exBR shunters (Drewry 04??) 1 & 2 seen somewhere around Willington in Derbys although I can't vouch for the accuracy of the location here as I would have thought the route would have taken ...
Future visits & open days
Tickets are now on sale for the Old Oak Common open day and these are only available from via the website and cannot be purchased on the day. Going extremely quickly as you'd expect and some have already sold out, these being the VIP tours.
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