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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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Eastleigh & Southampton
MoD 01/5s
spa valley railway 26/7
Loco on move
New photos added
2015 Hit List
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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spa valley railway 26/7
Flying visit.....
D9539 - at elridge station
Other shunters at Tunbridge but could not ID them.... However I was after the 14! ☺
Hi went to their gala on Sat  and D2182 was in the yard at Winchombe, 11230 was at Toddington and D2069 was in the yard at Toddington under a tarpaulin.

An appeal from the owners of D2205 now under restoration at Rowsley, Peak Rail.
Does anyone know when D2205 last moved under its own power and also if it has ever worked a passenger train.
Many thanks
2015 Hit List
Two more more scrubbed off the list yesterday, courtesy of a West Mids Day Ranger. Both 09204 and 08704 were seen at LNWR and at the DMD respectively.

No sign of 08868 at the LNWR. In fact, apart from the 09, only 86501 and 86637 were visable. Place was empty. Not such for the DMD, as 08507 was parked behind the still numberless 08704. 08631 was busy trundling up and down the far lines. Got an half decent shot from platform 1, so had a walk over to get a closer look. Cue a driver coming throu ...
MoD 01/5s
Don't know the ID but a MoD shunter moved from Marchwood to Bicester sometime last week.
Nemisis Rail Burton
08918 and 09014 seen yesterday from passing train. Saw black shunter as well possibly working. Is that the 3rd one mentioned above but I cannot find it on lists. Any other ex BR shunters there? Regards Boscawen
Marcroft and Longport
Been thr'u Stoke on Trent today and saw 2 shunters I south of Stoke, Marcroft? and 1 north, Longport? Can only find 2 @Axiom Stoke on lists, 08633 and cut down 08993. Did not see a cut down one. Grateful for clarification. Regards Boscawen
Eastleigh & Southampton
The above notes, well gawd knows what he was playing at, sighting 08530 at Southampton  Rolling Eyes

One thing is true though, and has only taken place over the last few weeks, is that 08810 has gained the  Richard Wrenham  plates off 08442. ...
New photos added
Nearly back on track after me cock up, but i'm adding new photos to shunters that have been on the move or in the news recently aswell. So far....


New photos added from Andy, Tel and Craig.

Tel, Pete, Vince and Martin T.[/i:9 ...
Passed Bescot on M6 today and saw 3 off Class 08's; 1 DB and 2 EWS. Can anyone I'd them for me please?
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Loco on move
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