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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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MoD 01/5s
Loco on move
Fairly New Member
Tyne Yard
Southampton Area 12th April
Preserved shunters
Thomsons, Stockton
West Midlands
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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MoD 01/5s
HNRC's 01529 reported this morning at Hornsey, working with 08892 on the new Thameslink depot. Wonder if one of the others from Croft has replaced it at Scunthorpe or whether the hire to Tata has ended?
Hi All,

Maybe of significance...

08847 was unloaded at Washwood Heath at 1120hrs.,this morning[Thursday]

All the best,Frank

See you in Teesside this weekend,Tel  Very Happy
Tyne Yard
On Sunday 13th April, whilst driving 1Y38 to Kings Cross, I glimpsed what looked to be one of the 08s with a cut-down cab, in one of the reception roads at Tyne Yard. I was unable to id it, due to coal wagons obscuring my view.
Fairly New Member
Hello everyone.
Not sure if this is the right place to post "1st post message"

But, my name is Owen Edwards i work for Arlington Fleet Services at Eastleigh Works, i'm Shunter/Trackman/Depot Driver at the works.

Also Voulneteer at the Tanfield Railway, always been keen on my Industrial Shunters.

Hope to be of help and contribute to the forum

[url=][img:991b4b4c77] ...
Loco on move
08405 reported at Toton..ex Dagenham..on WNXX...Martin
Thomsons, Stockton
Anyone been recently?
Can you still get up on the bank to look over?

Planning a trip towards the end of the month after the 01/5s, but Google streetview appears to show a new fence blocking access to the bank.

All help appreciated, please and thanks.

Preserved shunters
Previously unreported ( i forgot ! ), was the arrival of both 08822 and 09004 at the Avon Valley Railway. Both of these arrived at Bitton on friday i think, from St.Philips Marsh and the Swindon & Cricklade railway respectively.

Also attending for this weekends diesel gala, was their very own 07010, which has been repainted from BR green to BR blue. Late tonight, 08822 was being loaded for a return to Bristol.
Donny to close at the end of the month a new shed being built at up Decoy.
08993 inside shed
08782 wood yard


                                       Alfie S.
Southampton Area 12th April
Eastleigh Yard...08904/60074

Phots attached for those interested...08735 was parked up the top of the yard behind the Depot on the fuel tanks... ...
West Midlands
Sat12th I made a brief trip to the West Midlands.

Croft Quarry 10.00am; not only were the pair of 01/5s not visible, there were no trucks in sight nor even any road vehicles. The site looked deserted. Has it closed and is so where have the shunters gone. Further West Daw Mill also looked like that's closed as well.
11.00am and at Soho TMD Blue 08805 was parked parallel to the mainline.

At Bridgenorth "D2961" was outside the shed. I was told his is a BTH Industrial that's been gi ...
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