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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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08644 Paint job
Crewe LNWR
Loco on move
08648 now 08624
North East 25/9- 4/10
ELY Potter Group
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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08644 Paint job
08644 at Plymouth Laira Dept 25/10/14
Crewe LNWR

Here is a picture of 08868 taken on Tuesday (18/11/14) it pull up at the top of the Main shed whilst I was delivering some seats for some coaches Arriva trains are having referbed.
Sorry it not the best quality as it taken on my phone!
Over the last couple of months and as you've all probably noticed, i've let the forum & updates become a bit behind. Through lack of time, spending far too many hours at work and horrendous PC problems, i've kinda lost me mojo a little bit.

However, i now have a full week off soon, my first day off since June  yahoogrg

So, the plan is to have a dam good bash at finishing the Scotland directions, adding the photos that Jon, Vince and some other nice peeps ( soz guys, can't rememb ...
ELY Potter Group
Good Evening, Does the 66 do the shunting at Ely. I have not seen a shunter in the yard on a couple of recent passings yet Platform 5 still shows 08202 as being at Ely.

Best Wishes

08648 now 08624
Pic of 08648 (numbered as such) in the new issue of Railway Magazine. Looks rather natty in black and orange  Cool
Had a trip to Stockport yesterday and 08653 is parked in Marcroft, Stoke.
While traveling to Lime St from Crewe last thursday 23rd October the train passed a shunter with an orange livery. On the cab side was the 4 letters HNRS which I asume is  Harry Needle Rail Services. Anyone know its fleet number at all please?
Two shunters visible there today, both defo Malcolm colours.
Went to Spa Valley Gala today and called into Brighton where 09026 was visible from the road bridge and also called into Isfield where 09025 was in the shed.
West/East Mids fri/sat
concrete bob wrote:
Seems i told you a little fib there Chris. Delete 08015 for 09012  whistling2.gif

Errr...after seeing Martin's post earlier, can you delete 08133 aswell. Twas really 08015  Embarassed   uhm.gif
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