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Goodmans Yard
08 903
St Philips Marsh-16th November 2013-'The Marsh'uns'
Help with shunter number
Crewe LNWR
All DB Shunters Stored
Midlands/South Yorks...31st January - 2nd February 2016
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
Latest Articles
St Philips Marsh-16th November 2013-'The Marsh'uns'
And finally, a link has been provided for those wishing to purchase tickets online. If any are left, you can also get one from the entrance gate, but i'd imagine they'll be in short supply, come closer to the date.

Once purchased, tickets be available from either an App on your phone or by printing these off. Not the most conventional methods admittedly. ...
Crewe LNWR
Not confirmed as of yet, but it looks very much like 09204 is now sporting a very nice shade of Arriva Trains blue.
08484 viewed yesterday (Sunday) part rubbed down/part painted in primer/side doors off.

It had been shunted out of the goods shed (beyond the Signal Box away from the main NRM Shildon site) and was being worked on.


Help with shunter number
Hello everyone
On saturday I went to Goodman's yard wishaw. We got all of the shunters apart from this one so if any could ID it it would be much appreciated
Its a black shunter inside shed with a red strip near the bottom

The three HNRC Class 20s are still stored on a siding outside the Heavy Plate Mill here (seen on Saturday). They are amongst a bunch of other Class 20s listed as being up for sale on the WNXX site. I was told that a figure of 75K was sought for the three of them, although I see that D8110 is shown as subject to offer, and not included in the general sale.

HN has removed his Yorkshire 02 D2853 (YE 2812/1960) and the Ruston  07012 (RH 480697/1962) and they have gone to Barrow Hill.

The ...
08 903
is this loco still at Wilton and how would I find it tried last year told no longer rail used
All DB Shunters Stored
I see 08742 has been showing 'F' status the past few days on TOPS. Anyone know what's wrong with it?


Midlands/South Yorks...31st January - 2nd February 2016
Lads went to Bescot/Crewe/Derby/Toton/Barrow Hill/Midland Road/Donny/Barnetby overnight Sunday

Doncaster and overnight Stafford Monday...

Toton/Derby/Nottingham/Leicester/Goodmans on the Tuesday...

I had to work so missed out...saw a few 08's on the way and for those interested photos on Flickr to view..again I'm uploading other stuff in 'Class order' so you may need to scroll down to view 08's....Martin
Sometime between lunch on Mon 1st and Tue 2nd Feb 08888 has disappeared from its spot outside the north end of Bescot shed. I assume it has gone back inside.

As for the others: 907 is still up the field; 623 is working as depot pilot (as it has been since emerging from the shed in early Jan); and 580/709 are still round the back of the shed waiting for transport to take them away.
Missing shunter RR 10268
Hi All,

Does anybody know the where abouts of ex Killoch NCB loco Rolls Royce 10268 ? It was moved (believed around 2009?) to Ketley business Park, Wellington (SJ 675 107). Believed to have moved again, nearly two and a half years ago.  Heres a photo of the loco from flickr:

Many thanks,
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