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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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Long Shot
Future visits & open days
Moreton Park Railway and Titley Junction, Herefordshire
88ds engine
Gwent Coal, Newport Coal Distribution
DRS Oen Day 2016
Llangollen shed visit - sunday 20th August
Class 03, Shackerstone Railway
08752 wishaw
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Interactive forum for those interested in locating and photographing UK shunters
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Does anyone have latest on this one please?  It's one of a few ex-BR shunters still extant (I hope) that I'd like to catch up with if I can and I don't see it listed in the lists elsewhere?  Maybe now scrapped?

(To get List = D2046/2134/2148/2120, D2325, D3489, 12052/12093, 15224, 08032/405/530/703/730/750/954  09018 )
Long Shot
So here goes ... been trawling through my old notebooks and have an entry from 21st May 1988 travelling on the "South Yorkshireman" rail tour between Marylebone and Sheffield, returning to London behind 34092 City of Wells.

On the outbound journey I have a note with Asterix that there were two exBR shunters (Drewry 04??) 1 & 2 seen somewhere around Willington in Derbys although I can't vouch for the accuracy of the location here as I would have thought the route would have taken ...
Gwent Coal, Newport Coal Distribution
Just writing up some notes for a few of the class 03's and comes across a couple that were based at the above location. Despite trawling through gawd knows how many photos and trying to pin point the location on Bing and Google Maps, i'll be buggered if i can find out to where it was situated  Rolling Eyes

The below photo link is the best i can find and i presume that all the houses in the background have been demolished...any clues guys to where this used to be please ? ...
88ds engine
Hello all.

Looking to see if anyone has any information about a 88ds engine for sale anywhere or for swap.

Or if anyone has ever swapped one out for another power unit.

Thanks all

DRS Oen Day 2016
A bit of advice please.  I am going to go to the DRS Open Day in July at Kingmoor to see the new Class 88s and the later 68s.  I looked on the DRS Website to see that tickets are £5 which is fair enough but postage is £4.95.  You can pay on the door it says.  I have no problem in paying into a Charity but the postage seemed a bit steep.  I accept it is a flat rate.
So question is, is there any problems in paying at the gate?  Site full so tickets only for instance.  It is some years since I wen ...
Llangollen shed visit - sunday 20th August
Still 3 places left if anybody is interested in coming along  thumbright
Class 03, Shackerstone Railway
There is a stripped down shunter among the 33's and 58's stored there. No identity other than traces of white/grey, yellow & red paint from industrial days no doubt !.
    One of the members say that it a Class 03 restoration project, but difficult to tell from a pile of bits.
     Can any one out there help        
08752 wishaw
Hi Guys, ive been chasing this engine around the country for what seems like years now, it was hidden from view at Bescot when I went to see it, now I'm told its at Wishaw !!.
Could someone kindly tell me where Wishaw is ? is it in a yard/ siding etc ? & is it visible in any way if I make my way to Wishaw ?, any help very much appreciated, cheers, Tony
Just a quick update on this loco ....

I agreed the purchase of the loco today so I now have a loco and a coach ... with regards to the loco, my plan is to return it to Ruston green with the original number '2' ...

The wife is convinced I have totally lost the plot ... but I am a very happy bunny, even if I now have more work to do ...
Peak Rail & Darley Dale - Sunday 9th April
Just want to say a huge thanks to all for coming along and putting a few quid in the donation tins. Not sure for Barrow Hill and Darley Dale, but we managed to raise a cool £170 ( or thereabouts ) for the HST guys at Rowsley. It was much appreciated from all parties, so hopefully we can all do it again in the near future  salut

For me personally, it was great to finally put some faces to names and i don't think i got round you all, to say thanks for all the work you've put in since joi ...
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